Brain wave!

Every Friday, right here on the old Use.Perl.Org, I’m going to post a list of things that stick in my craw, rawk my world, or generally agitate me. Sometimes, these lists will be about technology; sometimes about the little accidents that make up my life. Without further foreplay, here’s today’s Friday’s List

    Best new features of Red Hat 7.1
  • FreeCiv comes installed
  • XFree86 4.0.3
  • Gtv (the smoothest playback of mpgs I’ve seen on X)
  • Installation asked “what level of firewalling do you want (full, medium, none)”. This cracked me up
  • Balsa comes installed
  • Of course, the 2.4.2 kernel
  • Newly inserted CDs will cause a filemanager window to pop open
  • Comes with openssh
  • Comes with pam_ldap and the setup program is actually aware of this
  • Comes with xsane

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