Since I’ll be flying across the US tomorrow, I’d thought I’d do my Friday List now.

What Microsoft will do now that Judge Jackson’s ruling was over turned

  • Buy Oregon. (They have to plan future expansion)
  • Focus on their new product, MS Justice System, already in beta!
  • Rough up them bitch OEMs that squeeled to the Feds
  • Invite every Microsoft employee to dance naked in Bill Gates’ Pool o’ Money
  • Drop that stupid XBox idea
  • Touch up the Turtle Wax finish on Steve Ballmer’s head
  • Send to Judge Jackson an “I broke up Microsoft and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” shirt
  • Spam every poster on Slashdot with the message “Microsoft 0wnz j00!”
  • Spend a moment in awed reflection at the amazing system of the checks and balances of our US government that was deftly laid out by our constitutional forefathers more than two centuries ago and then send out the fat checks to the Appeals Court Judges

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