No industry punditry today, just biographical detail.

On Wednesday, I took off on my new mountain bike for the wilds of Arlington, MA (about 10 miles from my apartment). I then met up with some friends an continued on through Lexington and Concord for a total distance of about 35 miles that day. We went along the Minuteman bike path and the Reclaimation path that runs through a bird sanctuary. I slept over in Arlington, then returned home the next day (another 10 miles). I’m a bit sore even today.

Earlier this week, I cooked up a batch of chili made with real beer. It was delightful. I also explored the wonders of Asian-style rice.

I’ve been working on a content management system for Taskboy, which will be my new personal web site. The exciting part of this for me is that, using XML-RPC, I’ll be able to remotely edit articles and publish them all from emacs (there will probably be a web UI too). It is very likely that this will end up going in my next XML-RPC book.

All and all, I’ve been enjoying the fine autumn weather in New England. Good stuff.

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