Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy wants to teach your teens about morality. Apparently, the High Court’s docket is a little light these days, since the Al-Queda crew are probably going to face a military tribunal. Now I sure this fellow means well, after all he’s happy enough to see the rights of the accused dismissed. Why the sudden interest in giving American teens the Fruit of Knowledge? Kennedy doesn’t feel that students expressed enough “moral outrage” over the 9-11 attacks. Kennedy later went on to say:

There seemed to be a feeling that the U.S. got its comeuppance and that we have to take our lumps sometimes too.

Now some in the liberal conspiracy are going to try to tell you that the students Kennedy talked to were expressing a well-informed, global-centric opinion that represents the kind of thinking critical to the survival of not just the United States, but of humans in general on this planet. But the truth isn’t that pretty. Those students were really secret members of Al-Queda attempting to poison the young minds of America. It’s good to see that a non-elected member of our federal bureaucracy is concerned about the welfare of our children. I’m sure Justice can wait.

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