Warning: Fan Boy wanking ahead. Those not interested in Space Opera should stop reading now.

Farscape is now 5 eps into season four. I’ve really enjoyed the first three seasons. The writing and acting have both been excellen up to this point. Unfortunately, something isn’t quite right about season 4. In many ways, it seems like the writing isn’t quite as snappy or original. The episodes seem compressed. Tonight’s ep ‘Promises’ is a good example. The whole crew is reunited with Aeryn and Moya and there was a lot of opportunity to play with the circumstances that brought everyone back together. Yet, most of the mysterious were resolved before the credits rolled. I’m also able to predict the way the shows are going to unfold and that’s not good at all.

NOTE TO TORGOX: Farscape is using more alien languages

It should be said that the writing staff of Farscape has proven themselves to be quite ingenious at storytelling. So what the hell is going on in S4? There are two explanations for the handfisted stories. Either they have all overdosed on stupid pills and hookers or …


Until proven otherwise, I suspect the later. In fact, I predict that S4 and some of S5 will be about an as-yet-unstarted Scaran-Sebatian war. I hope that there will still be time for wacko eps like “Revenging Angel” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” but it may be that Kempfer and the team are about to get all Babylon 5 on our collective ass.

Here’s your chance to sound off:

Farscape Season 4: Crap or Craft?

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