I had to mail more money to the government (estimated taxes — 45 days late [damnit!]) and all I had were $0.34 stamps. I accidentally learned that the price of first class stamps had gone up to $0.37. So I schleped down to the Kenmore post office and bought the extra two $0.03 stamps and a pack of $0.37 ones (to break the recursion). The bemused postman showed me the two patterns of stamps available: one with a floral montage and the other with a portrait of Harry Houdini. Of course, I bought the Houdini stamps and said “I’ll take the ones with Houdini. After all, I watch my money disappear every month when I pay bills.”

That quip garndered a healthy belly laugh from the postman and perhaps postponed his disgruntled armed rampage for another day.

Man, I kill at the post office!

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