As I kid my favorite dreams involved me flying. My dream self would arise from my bed, fly out the window (or through the wall), and follow the contours of the land, sort of like the game Descent. For whatever Freudian reason, these kinds of dreams filled me with a euphoria that lingered even after waking up. As I got older, those dreams became less frequent and less potent.

Some people dream in color, I’m told. Some have ‘lucid dreams’. The weirdest dream experience I’ve had up to now was a very frustrating dream in which I was debugging a perl program (an admission that is likely to block congressional approval of my eventual Supreme Court nomination, I’m sure). Last night, however, I believe I’ve had yet another first in my dream life: I clearly saw the word gaination. I don’t know the definition of the word, nor can I relate sufficiently the context of the dream (I was in a university/mall with my extended family and my aunt died [she yet lives in real life]. I know we were living my first home because of the kitchen). Aside from Perl code, I can’t recall a dream in which a word was so clearly presented.

Since I have no definition for this word and it sort of looks real, I invite the community to invent of definition for it.


updated: s/lucent/lucid/

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