From SaveFarscape:

Courtesy of a reliable source, we have the national ratings in for last week’s Friday night lineup on The Sci-Fi Channel.

8PM Farscape 1.34 (ep. “Kansas”) 9PM Stargate 1.75 10PM Tracker 1.45 11PM Stargate 0.89 12PM Farscape 0.78 1AM X-Files 0.60

Sadly, Farscape isn’t even pulling in the numbers that Traker or Stargate do, even with the huge fan-based advertisement and the remarkable cliffhanger (from 4 months ago) called “Unrealized Realities.” It’s sad to see Farscape end with a whimper, not a bang. In its prime, it was quite a show.

UPDATE: Zorknapp suggests I’m being a little hard on the ol’ Farscape. The four month hiatus and knowing that these are the last eps has perhaps darkened my impression of the show. Certainly, I don’t want to invest a lot of emotion into the plot knowing it won’t get resolved. Last night’s Terra Firma was a very moving character sketch. Not enough Rigel or Pilot for my tastes, but there we are. It does appear that John will have to stop running from his pain and confront Aeryn before The End. Let’s hope.

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