Instead of real work, I spent the morning futzing with the way my MP3s are displayed on Taskboy. If it looks a lot like Apache::MP3, there is some applicability. I wrote a subclass of Apache::MP3 that groups “artists” (or more accurately subdirectories) in alphabetical groups. More on that later.

For Taskboy, I now have a simple CSV file in which I put the mp3 meta data that doesn’t fit in MP3 Tags (like my description of the song, any playlists that should include this song, etc). I wrote a Template Toolkit plugin to look through the a given directory, grab all the metainfo (include information from MP3::Info) and make a pretty table. It also makes the playlists for me.

On that topic, I’m finding it difficult to serve an m3u file reliably so that both modern IE and Netscape send it to the appropriate playback device. No, I don’t want to write an CGI or mod_perl app for this. Taskboy doesn’t have a lot of moving parts and that’s the way I’m going to keep it. Right now, I’m cramming META HTTP-EQUIV tags into the m3u files and that works will for IE, but not Mozilla.

Any thoughts on how I might do this?

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