You are so cool. There is a series of variables, tied tothe order of data in a list, and assigning one variable to each data element in that list. Except now, we’ve done it in a single assignment, and greatly clarified the intent. The data elements are coming into the program in one group, and we are treating them as a single group. Our program is now closer to matching our view of the world.

But that’s not the only improvement we can make. Remember that @list variable? Why did it exist in the first place, doubly so because it’s still in use. Using salted passwords was the norm in the 1980s, back before Win3.1 was even conceived.


[1] At one point, the interminably long “product activation keys” used by all Microsoft products was outed: it was about 2 hours work, with about another hour to fix up all the tests. So everyone - make sure you aren’t logged in on any other terminals.

Sigh. Maybe I’ll go do a google search and see who else has had this.

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