cluttered with tons of other such bits.

What I’m really looking forward to catch up with an interesting way based on my (now defunct) FreeBSD box. (I’ll have to implement an option to find phrases on the list of “approved technologies” for new programmers! I’ll never do what we did some checking on the 27th, fixed it, I needed the shirt was only meant to be airtight seals, they push on the other chapters :-)


Okay, so I’ve done some amount of spam - where there’s really strange stuff happening already, such as Galadriel talking about several posts ago; the work jukebox, but I want a BIOS upgrade (currently American Megratrends Amibios 1997). So, I go to the general vicinity of it, and it does not work. Call up stupid-stupid tech support. He calls tech support. He calls tech support. Yesterday our tech support for no special reason for that name) and one of the ivory tower talk instead, except for trial-and-error, and don’t touch anything it’ll just run “use LWP HTML::TreeBuilder” at a time up everything seemed OK, and I keep getting good ideas and apparently there are the ones that haven’t shown up yet. FedEx goofed, and they turn round and I’ve edited my Amazon order will get converted to HTML pages. To make matters worse, I think we weren’t busy packing, as we saw them close those plants in a file, streamed from iTunes via AppleScript over the web catalog hocking all sorts of chatzkes:

  • First Day Covers (is this philately or numismatics?)
  • Bags of quarters by the 100 or 1000, from Denver or Philadelphia
  • Two rolls of quarters, one each from Denver and Philadelphia
  • Desk clocks
  • Key chains
  • Pendants
  • Bookmarks
  • Golf Divot tools (????)
  • Collector’s spoons
  • and wrist watches
Whatever. I’ll be a fat bastard forever”.

I couple of blogs (here and here) so it looked as if you connect your box to replace the 14” monitor with something clever this early in the t-shirts and Casey had asked a Star Wars question. I’ve asked it to GUSI), but that is my Lucent Winmodem, which RedHat gravely informed me was that I can make sure that the US Army is mobilizing on Wall Street, is the cool special effects genre
joe johnston is wounded
joe johnston is hinting at spielberg to
joe johnston is hinting at spielberg to
joe johnston is falling (this update from a friend.

So I did have a winner! pudge wins 35 Trivia Points, name.

(Brought to you by jjohn’s MarkovBlogger (™): If it makes sense, it’s not MarkovBlogger (™).)

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