funny. MJD just told me about this one, it just 2 minutes before I was copying a rather in-demand skill, having just recently seen it before. I guess I shouldn’t forget the real shredder.

Capital One increased my credit rating. I got back from Google. If you see the PS win this year’s MacArthur Foundation genius grants is Edgar Meyer. He’s an awesome movie. I felt it this way. So obviously alliteration is on XSP, because everything is best left to do it, very clearly. Of course I found out it would have had a great time and I’ve got two different days, it creates a Pascal string. A relatively recent addition to adding root menu aliases for their sins) seem like delicious treats in comparisons.

Problem is, my tools.

(Brought to you by jjohn’s MarkovBlogger (™): If it makes sense, it’s not MarkovBlogger (™).)

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