Much hay was made of orkut’s poorly worded EULA that suggested that all content submitted to the site became the property of google. This was nutty on the face of it (remember that I used to have a site devoted to UFO conspiracies and even I didn’t swallow this one), but here’s a clarification of the issue:

«Does own all the content that I submit to the site?

Answer: does not claim any ownership right in the profile or other information that you submit. When you submit content to, we use it to display the content on the site and to other members according to your preferences. You may edit, remove or limit the people who can view the content at any time. We may analyze the types of information submitted to determine how our members use the site and how we can improve the orkut system.»

Now, I invite all of you who haven’t joined the cult, I mean, web site to jump in. It’s mostly harmless.

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