A few weeks ago, I visited the lovely SCAT studios to help Jason McIntosh with his show The Gameshelf. In a weird twist, I was asked to be in front of the camera to play Space Station Assault, created in Cambridge, MA. It was a different way to kill a few hours on the weekend.

Yesterday, I returned to SCAT with Jason as a temporary cohost of the show. The job involved a lot of sitting and talking, which I think played to my strengths as an actor. We then filmed a two minute intro in front of a green screen, during which we were very silly.

I don’t know when the show will air. This is will be episode 2. The show normally airs at 10:00PM on Wednesdays.

I want to give a very public thank you to Jason for offering me this opportunity and hope that the once the world has seen my obvious talent, the emotional scaring won’t be too horrible.

If I’m needed, I shall be in my trailer…