Here is a long-winded scare comic about the dangers of the Dungeon and Dragon’s role-playing game. It’s from 1984. The main gist is how playing around with fake magic diminishes one’s faith in Jesus.

A few things:

  • Although boys are shown playing the game, they are not part of the comic’s plot, presumably because they’re not prime witch material.
  • Kudos to the author for taking a swipe at the Olde Timey cult of Diana, the Goddess of Willful Girls. It’s good to see a grudge can last two thousand years.
  • Double kudos for making the DM a black-clad woman named “Ms. Frost”. Why not have called her “The Ice Queen” or “Lilith”?
  • D&D is a game. There’s no magic in it, outside of marketing. It’s hardly a gateway to adventure, let alone Satanism.
  • If your religion is in competition with a game, you need a new religion.

This is the danger of magical thinking that many Religions rely on. If what draws you to a faith is magic, then you’ll always be seduced by the latest witch doctor in town.

I don’t play Pen and Paper RPGs anymore (but I did in 1984), but I continue to be irritated by bible-thumpers who still villify the game. I never summoned a demon or “mind-controlled” my parents while playing this game, but I did improve my SAT English scores.

Is D&D worse for Christians than, say, Doom, in which you stalk humanoid monster in the dark and slay them by the hundreds? Perhaps the masturbatory Tom Clancy games of counter-terrorism are more Jesus-friendly? After all, you get to kill the non-believers by the dozens.

(P.S. Marcie, sorry about the death of Black Leaf, but if she couldn’t find a simple poison trap, she was no damn use to anyone. Consider not playing Thieves with DEX scores less than 17.)