Dear Internet,

For no reason more than nostalgia, I’m looking to buy a copy of the TSR minigame “Revolt on Antares”. If you’ve got a complete, usable copy of the game that you’d like to sell, please drop me an email (jjohn [at] taskboy dot com). I’m not looking for a collectable, near-mint copy.


UPDATE (Jan 12, 2008): After a nerd-fisted slap fight on eBay over a near-mint version of the game, in which the bidding when over $100, I decided that I’d try Alibris, which has a used copy in an unknown condition for $27. Who’s laughing now, TSRwhore88?

Even when I win, I lose.

FINAL UPDATE: I received RoA today and was pleased to find all the counters still attached! Near Mint, baby!