As is my tradition, I make a little blog post to note the milestone of my birthday. Today makes my 39th year on this planet. This year, the deaths in the family were few. Indeed, the arrival of my son, Angus, means that my duty to genetics and family is pretty much over. I guess I can kickback and coast through the rest of life.

Perhaps not quite yet.

My employer, ATG, was acquired this year by Oracle. This means that I will begin the new year as a member of a 100,000 person company. That’s sure different.

I am slowly working on a new interactive fiction called “Escape from the House of Dragons.” I have the plot roughly outlined, but given my very limited free time, I don’t expect a beta version until Q2 of 2011.

Finally, I’m getting inspired to resurrect my old web game, State Secrets. I think I finally understand how to make it fun to play. Unfortunately, I need to scrap the code I’ve written and start again. That will be will the fourth rewrite of the game.

So, I suppose I’ll see you next year at this time? Great.