For those playing the home game, I’ve arrived safely in San Diego. Saw quite a few conventioneers here, including irrepressible Damian Conway and his charming wife Linda. Am now in the process of writing my paper for the SDexpo, which is due Thursday. Found out that I shouldn’t set my gnome-terminal’s scrollback to 1000 lines - X crashes.

I’m connected through CAIS’s “high speed internet access” router in the hotel (I’m in the Lanai wing). Although I’m using an unsupported OS (Linux), I managed to activate the account. The directions for the route say “start your web browser”. They forgot the URL, but I deduced it was Any other OScon conventioneers should point their browsers there.

BTW, that machine seems to be some kind of Windows box. It appears to have 300+ open ports including PC Anyway and VNC. Yikes!

Alright, I’ve wasted enough time time yakkin’. Gotta work.

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