While the War on Terrorism rolls on (not to mention riots/death threats), life continues in these United States. For instance, The Onion is providing the best satirical relief that I’ve been able to find anywhere. A Pennsylvannia girl is experiencing better living through reduced brain mass. Rush Limbaugh, that champion of the unprevileged white guy has announced that he is almost totally deaf. And existentialist horror writer Bil Keane’s 1999 homoerotic thriller I Had A Frightmare is finally getting the attention it deserves.

For my own part, I’ve been biking a lot along the banks of the Charles River. I just finish an article for www.oreilly.com on building XML-RPC clients in C and the work on my new content management system progresses nicely. I winnowed my collection of tech books and magazines. I spent a good part of the morning cleaning out two closets. God-damn, I’ve collected a bunch of fester crap. But now, I can find my shoes and put away the vacuum cleaner; it can’t be all bad.

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