Major apartment restructuring occurred yesterday at my abode. My living room/office hadn’t significantly changed in 5 years and I snapped. I threw out the monkey-shit brown plastic “media center” in which I stored 3 PCs, a scanner, a printer, a 48 port hub and many CD-ROMs. The replacement was a sexy black metal rack about 4’ high. I moved the futon (which may also be heading out the door) to where the media center was. I now have an end table suitable for a lamp. Huzzah!

Of course, my War on Dust has casualities: I made many dozens of CD-ROMs homeless. The kitchen counter is flooded with media center refugees. That’s OK because I’ve send them all thousands of leafets explaining that my enemy was the media center and the dust it harbored. My hope is that I can persuade the jewel cases to rise up against the dust bunnies and do my dirty work for me.

So far, the CD-ROMs have been stubbornly mute.

All in all, I’m very happy with the new setup. More room for poker.

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