Just finished watching B5 Legend of the Rangers and I have to say: color me impressed. I was expecting it to suck and, oddly enough, it didn’t. I think the ship designs are total ass, but the uniforms are cool enough.

Unfortunately, JMS has introduced another “old, dark and scary” alien race that no one knew about. This hac kneyed plot device was total over done in all the Star Trek: The Quest for More Money series. Why not have a alliance of many ordinary races? There’s strength in numbers and there would be no need to create new bogeymen. It’s a question of scale. The humans are a lot weaker than the Mimbari, the Mimbari are a lot weaker than the Shadows or Vorlons, now “The Hand” are apparently a lot stronger than the First Ones. This is insane. It would have come up before. Oh, this complaint goes double for the B5 movie, Thirdspace. The First Ones were warranted to be the most powerful beings in the universe. Through a bit of legalese, beings from other “dimensions” can be more powerful than the First Ones. I’m not certain I buy it, but oh well.

Still, I hope SCI-FI picks up the series. It looks like it could be even better than Crusade.

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