It should surprise no one here that I support President Bush’s refusal to tax corporations in order to money the EPA Superfund toxic sites clean-up program. All Americans suffered greatly after September 11, but no one felt the sting of those sinister terrorists more than corporate America. Since 1980, the Superfund has identified and pursued those parties response for massive environmental damage (such as what occurred at Love Canal in 1978). As of 2002, the EPA has put 1222 sites on its National Priorities list. Funding the $8.5 billion Superfund has dwindled in recent years from $860 million in 2001 to $28 million slated for 2003.

Haven’t we spent enough money pestering Big Business? Corporations employ our neighbors and often pay taxes! We should be thanking these corporations for exhibiting the American can-do spirit of capitalism, not punishing them for “making the planet unlivable.” Yes, there may be higher incidents of “flipper babies” in some parts of country and it’s true that a small percent of the population may turn into cannibalistic underground dwellers or quasi-human morlocks — but that shouldn’t impede the wheels of capitalism! Remember, you can’t break eggs without making a cake or people will talk!

The cynical among my readers will immediately point to the huge sums of money corporations like General Motors, PECO Energy company and Union Pacific have contributed to the GOP and suggest that Bush’s motives are somehow tainted. Others may look at the page cited above and see that both Andersen Consulting and Enron stuffed a lot of money up George Bush’s bum. I feel sorry for those desperate folks who see conspiracy in the most harmless of coincidences and I would feel this way even if the GOP wasn’t paying me to write this.

Remember: corporations are almost people too.

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