While I’m waiting to hear back from Ken MacLeod, I’ve posted a very unofficial and quite possibly broken release of Frontier::RPC-0.08b1-jj. Included is a bug fix in the ‘use_objects’ thingie that returned stringified objects, not the objects themselves. I’ve substantially reworked nearly all the documentation and added to the Apache::XMLRPC class, which is a mod_perl content handler. Oh, now setting ‘debug’ on a Frontier server class willwill spew the XML requests/responses to STDERR.

Why another XML-RPC library? It is the oldest of the three Perl XML-RPC of which I’m aware and I think it has a pretty clean design overall (of course the XML::Parser callbacks are a nightmare). [Yes, I am thinking about Sax2]

Anyway, if you’re familiar with Frontier::RPC and feel like kicking the tires on this bitch, please do and send me your feedback. Even if your message is as spartan as “couldn’t install! you a bad man!” I’ll take what I can get.

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