If there’s one artist I associate with my own youth and very fuzzily warm feelings, it’s Peter Gabriel. It’s hard to explain and I don’t want to analyze it too much. Still, the first album I heard of Pete’s was his third solo album (the one with Biko). Over the years, I’ve lost most of his early stuff. I decided to pick up the album mentioned in the subject and I’m glad I did. Good music: Modern Love (not the Bowie song), DIY, On the Air. I’m 15 again!

UPDATE: I figured out the chords to “On the Air” tonight.

Opening: E G/ E G B/B A G#m/E D

B A G#m/E D (x2) E E/D# D C#m E E/D# D C

Chorus: B A E G#m F#m E C#m B A

Break: in progress

[UPDATE]: Check out this page about tPete’s second album. Very interesting.

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