Moving abruptly from the realm of science fiction to the world of political science, I submit a review of Michael “TV Nation” Moore’s Stupid White Men.

For those who are still scratching their heads over the 2000 elections, Michael Moore provides ample cited evidence why you continue to have misgivings about “President Select” [his phrase, not mine] Bush. Moore’s blistering reproaches of the Bush administrations first nine months in office are intense, even for a reader like me who enjoys a good Bush beating [er, you know what I mean ;-)]. Not only are republicans soundly spanked, by as are the white race AND men (a chapter for each). Moore’s tannic diatribes can be overwhelming. This man is angry. Still, lots of good fun can be at other’s expense. Including a chapter devoted to Moore’s favorite Republican [sic] President, Bill Clinton.

While I enjoyed this book, after a fashion, Moore’s Last Angry Liberal shtick isn’t quite my bag. I enjoy the more gentle jibes of Al Franken. Give the book a whirl. For some readers, this book will be like an EST session from Hell.

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