This 4th of July, I went to see Men In Black II with HappyFunBall. Given that we both had rock-bottom expectations for the film, it proved to be a pleasant surprise. The characterizations of Wil Smith and Tommy Lee Jones were compelling and engaging. The plot is conventional: evil vamp wants an alien artifact hidden on Earth and has score to settle with those meddlesome Men in Black. Even though Smith’s Agent Key is the current top Bad Ass at MIB central, his prowess isn’t enough to halt the onslaught of the Very Bad underwear model. Therefore, Jones’s Agent Jay needs to be brought out of retirement (he works as a postmen in Truro, MA [Go, Massholes!]).

Much of the movie follows Agent Jay’s quest to restore his lost memories A giant game of follow-the-notes that goes from pizza parlor to train station locker to cheesy video rental store. Inevitably, Jay gets his memories back and then he and Kay open a new can of Whupass (tm), as expected.

MIB II’s special effects are skillfully rendered. They compliment the story rather than proxy for plot (I’m looking at you, George Lucas). The dialog and plot are crafted in a workman-like fashion and fail to be egregiously offensive.

MIB II is a good stupid summer movie that is unlikely to disappoint. Get your movie on!

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