The Clintons raked in millions of dollars last year after leaving the White House. The former president earned $9.2 million on the lecture circuit, and Hillary Clinton — now New York’s junior senator — received an $2.85 million advance on her memoirs.

But they still have legal bills totaling between $1.75 million and $6.5 million, according to the financial disclosure form Mrs. Clinton was required to file as a member of the Senate. The Clintons paid $1.3 million in legal bills last year, according the Senate filing.

BBC News

Slick Willie does it again. Even though I preferred the Clinton administration to W.’s and I thought the Whitewater investigation was a political witchhunt from day one, this is a little much to take. Clinton is lucky he’s not doing jail time right now. But that’s The Clin-ton — temerity incarnate. I guess that’s part of his charm.

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