A spokesman for Afghanistan’s foreign ministry says it is premature to judge whether or not there has been a cover-up, as investigations are still ongoing, but warned there should be no cover-up from any side.

He said the Afghan Government is continuing to look into the matter, and says it is taking the allegations that women’s hands were forcibly tied very seriously.

—BBC: US ‘tried to hide’ bomb blunder

Is this just more anti-US slander? I hope so. In less political news:

“You can invest a little money in far-out projects if they have some chance of success - it’s called Pascal’s Wager. In this case, most scientists would say there is zero chance of success.”

—BBC: Gravity research gets off the ground

This is a very curious use of the term “Pascal’s Wager,” which is the cynically practice of worshipping God because there are only benefits to doing so and no upside to not. Let’s hope antigravic tech becomes viable soon. I want my own spaceship.

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