The Afghans said there were no Taliban or al-Qaida targets in the area that was hit by the Americans late Wednesday. They also said the U.S. military had promised to check with local authorities before launching such attacks, but failed to do so in this case.

Mohammad, said the attack was prompted by ``a wrong report to the Americans.’’ He suggested that someone involved in a local feud had falsely reported Taliban or al-Qaida in the targeted location to draw American fire.

—AP: U.S. Denies Afghan Chopper Attack

This report raises the specter that the US military is shooting blind in Afghanistan and will desperately act on any and all leads. Are some Afghanis taking advantage of us?

But wait, there’s more:

Brock Enright, a 25-year-old artist, has created a business where people pay him thousands of dollars a time to be violently abducted.

Around 30 people have used the service so far, and dozens of other personalised ‘kidnap plans’ are in preparation.

—BBC: Kidnapping for kicks in New York

blink blink Aren’t we trying to fight terrorism? W. T. F.?

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