If this can be believed, the SciFi channel will be putting Farscape on hiatus starting in September, 2002 and extending into January 2003 with no repeats. What the hell? Must we get two hours of Star Trek every week night and not even a freakin’ weekly repeat of Farscape? The terrorists have already won.

I suggest a letter writting campaign to Sci-Fi. This is madness must end. The DVDs aren’t not flying out of ADV and I need my fix.

You can send suggestions to program@www.scifi.com.

update: Does Season 4 seem vaguely familiar to you? Did Perfect Murder seem to “skip” like a broken record? Notice a warped similarity between Crighton Kicks (4.01) and Premier (1.01)? One explanation for this is that the Farscape writting team has lost their minds and talent. Another explanation is inspired by modern music.

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