Urban legends: who doesn’t like them? Submitted for your approval is this story told to me by my mother as she retells the weird events that overtook one of my cousins.

While at the local grocery store in a small central Massachusetts town, my cousin was in the check-out line in back of a woman of “Iranian” extraction who underestimated the cost of her food. The line was held up while the women decided what item to put back. My cousin, a kind-hearted soul, offered to pay the difference to expedite the queue and perhaps to do a good turn in a naughty world. The women expressed her gratitude and left the store.

After my cousin settled up her grocery bill, she was flagged down by the “Iranian” woman.

“I wish to repay the kindness you have shown. For the health of you and your family, avoid drinking Coka Cola. There will be retribution for aftermath of September 11.”

The woman gave no specific date, duration or location of the “retribution,” nor did she detail the exact nature of the attack. If you’re like me, you’ll want to put your household at Homeland Security’s “Yellow Alert” station and arm yourself to the teeth.

Trust no one — keep low and stay frosty.

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