The long campaign to save Farscape may bare some fruit after all. Like clapping ten minutes for an encore, Farscape fans may get something more than a cliffhanger at the end of season 4, which will be shown on the SCI-FI channel starting next January. According to Ain’t It Cool News:

[Claudia] Black also said that exec. producer David Kemper says he found a way to “finish” Farscape with what was shot without actually “ending” it, hinting that it leaves room to finish the story later on…to which the audience cheered.

Huzzah! Although many Scapers were gunning for a fifth season, I’d be happy with a movie or miniseries. Remember, Farscape’s Season 1 DVD box set is now available as is the first 13 episodes of Season 2 (the “good” season).

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