I don’t care for “reality TV.” I don’t watch The Real World, Joe Millionaire or even Trading Spaces. However, as I was flipping through the 50 million channels of nothing, a high-concept reality show occurred to me. Why not marry the fru-fru fluffery of design shows with the hi-tech graphics of Walking with Dinosaurs? The result is a show I call:

Surprised by Dinosaurs!

The idea is a sublimely simple. Take a couple that’s living together, pay one of the them a lot of money to deceive the other (by creating a diversion that keeps the other out of their shared home for a time), then watch the hilarity ensue as CGI monsters from the paleolithic era devour the returning couple!

The show will cross demographic boundaries to beat the band.

Should any TV executives wish to hire me for my brilliant programming genius, please note that I will only consider opportunities that include extensive telecommuning and cheap floozies.

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