Today, I’m heading up to New Hampshire to see Daily Show strongman Louis Black give his fractured take on modern life. It should be a hoot. Also, I’ve been remixing some of my old 4-track cassette recordings that nvp helped me dump into Sonar. You can hear a very silly instrumental (heavy on the “mental”) version of Led Zep’s Immigrant Song and also a song by Mumble and Peg’s Erik Carter called Incident to which I’ve added piano and a wicked organ (mmm… that sounded suspicious).

Bon Appetit!

UPDATE: Lou cancelled due to poor travel conditions. Still, I got to hang out with Zorknapp and eat at Lui Lui. It’s not all bad.

UPDATE: Just came from King Crimson’s Boston show. In a word, it was rapturous. They played songs mostly culled from their new album The Power to Believe, but mixed in some stuff from Vrooom (like “Dinosaur” and “Prozac Blues”). The mix was a bit loud for these old ears, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. It’s difficult to believe that men that old can rock so hard. Robert Fripp’s attire evokes thoughts of accountancy or banking rather than the lyrical metal. So much for appearances.

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