After seven seasons, it all comes down to this last episode for Buffy the Vampire Slayer airing tonight. Although my favorite seasons were the first three, Buffy frequently had crisp writing and sharp dialog that rewarded the careful viewer. TV desperately needs more of the kind of write Team Whedon produced. It nice to see a show challenge traditional showbiz saws like “blond chicks are stupid” and “little girls are for slaying.” However, I wish that the male characters were imbued with some of the steel that seemed to be the execlusive pervue of Buffy’s leading ladies. Xander seemed perennially under-equipped for most situations, Giles seemed mostly harried and flustered, Angel was always too forelorn for me and Spike was great as a punk, but then he got p-whipped by the Buffster. For a show that had balanced characters of different genders better, rent a few episodes of Farscape

Perhaps I’ll tune into tonight for the end. Perhaps I’ll wait for the reruns. I don’t know. I expect that Buffy is going to die (again). After, that’s what heroes do. Let’s hope this Big Sleep is permenant. Now that’s the way to end a series!

update: Saw a little bit of the show last night. The wrong characters died.

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