Monday was a bit of a wash for me in the “gettin’ my learn on” department because I was unable to sneak into tutorials. Next year, I should pay for a tutorial or two. However all was not lost. I spent the day under the stairs in the main lobby where many of the tutorials were given. Troll-like, I dispensed directions, advice and good cheer as an unofficial convention greeter. I even have pictures to prove it.

On the matter of pictures, I was assaulted brutely by the local paparazzi who insisted on taking several pictures of me for a Portland rag. When will we as a society tell these lenticular roughnecks “the terror stops now!”

I made several successful charisma rolls that day too, resulting in a lovely diner with Brian and Chris, two Java consultants from the Ohio area. After dinner, I retire to my room to watch “American Choppers.” That Commache bike is going to be pretty sweet (I don’t think Paul’s adjective of “stealthy” quite fits).

Until tomorrow: keep on rockin’ in the Free World.

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