Day 2 saw the continuation of wireless network problems. Once again, I spent the day ensconced under the lobby stairs, meeting and greeting conference attendees. I helped MJD move a sofa from a platform to ground level so that his “Tricks of the Wizards” talk would gain some Martha Stewart cache.

Later that morning, someone showed me a copy of the Oregonian, whose business section featured a story about OSCON complete a color picture of ME. I’m a tip-top star now. Although I lost a copy of that newspaper, I did photograph the story in question.

I spent a lot of time on IRC, talking to Dave “Chick Magnet” Adler and catching up with TorgoX. Later in the evening, as Torgo and I watched Invader Zim and listened to unlikely music, Tom Christiansen appeared with a mauled finger. Apparently, conventioneering isn’t for the mild.

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