Back in 1995, I waw a work-study grunt in the Healey Labs at UMass/Boston. It turned out to be a very good gig for me because I learned a great deal about troubleshooting technical and human problems. I also learned about some weird “world wide web” thing that was poised to replaced Archie and (gasp) FTP. So I asked someone for a URL and learned how to use the text-only lynx browser. Lynx worked along the same lines as Archie. It was designed for dumb terminals. Then I started to learn how to make those marvelous web pages with HTML. Of course, my task was complicated by the abscene of a web server on the VAX system I was using. Nevertheless, I created these fine pages.

Witness glorious ASCII art, an Archie primer, and my notes for HS150: Introduction to Mid-East History.

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