It’s strange that these two articles should appear on the front pageof the BBC on the same day. Two steps forward — one step back.

«But Mr May was not fully comfortable with his newly gained sight.

Before the operation he had been a keen skier, using verbal directions as a guide.

But after he recovered his sight, he was frightened he would crash into something. »

—BBC: Cell transplant restores vision.

«However, David Hemphill said that the boy had been wrapped in sheets and had his shoes removed in order to prevent him from being hurt.

“We were asking God to take this spirit that was tormenting this little boy to death,” Mr Hemphill said.

“We were praying that hard, but not to kill.” »

—BBC: US boy dies during ‘exorcism’

I reiterate my demand: It’s well past the YEAR 2000, so where are my damn robots and commuter spaceships?

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