TorgoX writes a lot of stuff in his blog and some of it I can even understand. One day, TorgoX wrote about a “firehose of bullshit” named Camille Paglia.
Here’s a pullquote:

«Her trick is just to talk very very fast all the time. That’s it. But as a sort of aleatoric process (monkeys at typewriters and all that), she will occasionally say something nearly coherent that you haven’t heard elsewhere. But — and try this — wait around a while and she’ll say anything, including four novel ways of opposing or undermining the one interesting thing you heard from her.»

That got me thinking: Why can’t I use that same technique to automate creating new blog entries and become a media darling? After all, I’ve already said a metric ton of unqualified effulvia on my blog.
Pulling together markov chains and SOAP, I’ve mirrored the blogs of several Perl notables and will be recycling their considered words as my daily blog entries.

I call this marvel of computer trick-nology: MarkovBlogger. Accept no imitations!

When I can be pried away from my many important activities, I’ll still be blogging in the flesh. But think of MarkovBlogger entries as reruns of my blog, but better!

Let this serve as the shot across the bow, Camille. I’m gunnin’ for ya.

update: typos are us.

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