I’m experimenting with the effect of various mic placements around my Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb in order to get a more bitchin’ tone in Sonar.
Fans of 80’s hard rock/synth bands will no doubt be encouraged by this clip. There are a few things hampering my tone quest. First, I live in an apartment where excessive noise is frown upon. This means that I can open up the volume pot as much as I’d wish. This is a problem because much of the charm of a tube amp comes from the saturation achieved by attenuating the volume knob. The next problem stems from the age of the amp: the power cord isn’t grounded. Not only do I receive the occasional shock when I’m wearing my plugged-in guitar and touch other powered equipment, but I get an excessive amount of noise in my signal (which you can hear plainly in this track). The last problem is that the tubes in my amp need to be replaced (there are 6 of them). I have already placed an order for what I hope to be bitchin’ replacements. Tube technology is a funny mixture of science and voodoo. Although computers have long sinced abandoned them, there are two professions that show little sign of moving away from these little vacuum heat generators: musicians and the military.

This wayward son carries on.

UPDATE: Here’s a rough mix of this fragment as part of an original song called Give it a rest. Also note that I’ve remixed Monkey v. Robot

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