Medicines suck.

Don’t get me wrong: they’re very useful when disease and injury occur.
But medicine is too much of a bother for most people, I think. It’s only with the threat of the Reaper’s imminent arrival that people grudging follow the advice and council of trained medical professionals. I failed to understand why more thought hasn’t gone into making medicines more attractive and, let’s be candid, fun. I mean, there’s no reason that medication has to make you miserable to work (baring chemo).

As unfun as medicines are for people, pets are doubled bothered by them. As pet owners (and amateur nurses), we have a difficult time making our unwilling patients understand the necessity of the treatment. Animals, it seems, are far more willing to suffer pain and discomfort than take a chance on foul-tasting pills (it was hard enough to convince me to swallow pills and I understood the instructions!) or strange, unnatural smelling liquids. Given that medicines aren’t attractive one’s pet, how far should one force the issue of delivering medication? Most of us are strong enough to overpower our animals, but that seems an especially cruel betrayal since the animal will in no way associate your assaults with his improved health.
One can try pleading, but that will be utterly futile. That leaves deception. Unfortunately for me, I’m not crafty enough to make medicine not taste like medicine (I have a hard enough time making chicken not taste like medicine).

How do you administer to an unwilling pet?

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