Andy Lester has very kindly mentioned my markov blogger program in his O’Reilly Network blog:

«I first ran into autogenerated text back in 1984 from an article in Byte with a program listing for Travesty generator. I believe it was in BASIC, and I had to translate it into Turbo Pascal. I was hooked, and threw every scrap of text at it that I could find.

My thanks to Joe for providing this valuable public service.»

Thanks for the Press, Andy.

But, like Prince Charles, I also must deny in the strong possible terms, the allegations in the blog that you are forbidden to write. While not going into the specifics, I will note that my numerous enemies have long whispered about me hateful rumors that have been bred out of envy, contempt and misunderstanding. Whatever may or may not have happen between a young boy, his butler and three other older male relatives is indicitive of absolutely nothing. The purile suggestions of my involvement with highly lubricated animals in comprimising positions is beneath comment. And why would anyone want to say such hurtful things about my mother’s anatomy? Won’t you vultures in the Press just leave Prince Charles and me alone? These sorts of allegations should not even not appear in the worst of tabloids. Shame! Shame!

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