From Reuters:

«SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Reuters) - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, saying he had “strong resolve” to cure California’s fiscal woes, on Tuesday proposed a record bond issue of up to $15 billion to fund the state’s ballooning budget deficit.

To set an example of new austerity, the multimillionaire actor said he would forgo a salary in his new job as governor of the nation’s richest state and would impose a freeze on hiring, travel and upgrading expenses. »

Long-time readers of this blog have detected a certain anti-Republican bias. This I do not deny this as the Republicans seem to be the ones who most frequently lead the charge to make the lives of the rich easier while penalizing the poor and middle classes. Of course, the GOP would be considerably hampered without the implicit help of the directionless Democrats. The relationship between the two parties at times resembles that of an abusive, co-dependent relationship. The GOP will get drunk (with power) and start beating up the Dems and then later say “aw, Baby, why do you make me have to hurt you?” And the Dems, naturally, never try to assert themselves or stop the abuse.


The news item that leads this entry is one of those rare opportunities where I’m not be ironic. American politics was always supposed to be the realm of citizen politicians, not career politicians. Arnie has a daunting task in front of him and his boldly symbolic act of foregoing his salary is to be commended.

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