Before the hideous snows descended upon an unsuspecting Massachusetts, I was romping around Harvard Square with a friend of mine, who mentioned that David Rees was signing collections of his “Get Your War On” and “My New Fighting Technique is Unstoppable” at Million Year Picnic. So, after a buffet lunch at Bombay Club, we schlepped over to the comic book shop, which had only a few people in it. Our access to the author was unfettered. Rees is a very nice, very unassuming guy. I asked him about the volume of hate mail he receives for “Get You War On” and his answer surprised me. It seems that he receives far less than he expected. Weird.

However, this pleasant little interview took a decidedly bizarre twist when a gaunt, bearded gentlemen entered the store. It was none other than public broadcasting badboy Christopher Lydon. Apparently, Lydon was there to interview Rees for something. The highlight of the episode was Lydon requesting the “unexpurgated” version of the poster advertising Rees’s apparence at MYP that featured the word “motherfucker”.

Try to get that past the censor, bee-yatch! C-Dawg’s straight outta Compton, yo. C-Dawg’s in da hizzel!

Later that day, I bought a shirt in Inman Square featuring the panicked phrase “Can’t sleep; clowns will eat me.”

I’m out, yo. Peace.

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