For the past four years, I’ve enjoyed having a static IP address for my DSL connection while paying for basic consumer service. It’s been lovely.
Because I collect all my email onto one linux box on my home LAN, I can ssh into my machine even when I work remotely. This makes me happy. Unfortunately, Verizon has just sent me hate mail informing me that the gravy train will end Feb 6. My options are these:

  1. Go with the dynamic PPPoE DSL service (no change in speed) ($45/mo)
  2. Go with a business package for the static IP (an additional $40 cost, no change in speed)
  3. Chuck verizon and go with comcast cable modem service (I’m already a subscriber to their TV service) $35/mo, possibly less. Double the download speed, perhaps four times the upload speed. I would need to buy a modem and pay an initial fee.

My current DSL plan provides me with 640Mbs download and a whopping 64Kbs upload. I can get better average speeds with the cable modem service. My Linksys router already supports PPPoE (thankfully).

Leveraging the mighty forces of the Interweb, I ask: which option would you pick?

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