Breaking news in cryptozoology: Fear over ‘green underwear’ beast.

« AS the rest of Indonesia battles bird flu and earthquakes, a new type of supernatural force dressed only in green underwear has been terrifying superstitious Jakarta residents.

A mysterious half-man, half-beast, imaginatively named the “kolor ijo” or “green underpants”, has been stalking the city outskirts, attacking people with its claws and allegedly raping lone women in the narrow alleys or in their homes, usually late at night.

Terrified residents set up special kolor ijo patrol squads, while others draped their homes in magic talismans to ward off the creature.»

I understand that the citizens of Tennessee and Virginia, fearing similar
things, are also using talismans to ward off desperate Democratic
campaigners tonight (I’m looking at both of you, Dennis and Howard).

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