Homestar Runner is a cartoon of humble proportions. Using web technologies like Flash and MP3s merely as vehicals to convey their fractured fairy tales, the Chapman Brothers, Mike and Matt (with guest appearences by Melissa Palmer), brighten many a geek’s Monday morning with Strong Bad emails, fake commercials and one-off non-sequitors. What’s most remarkable is that their humor is accessible to an audience of wide ranging ages. I trust I don’t need to further sing the praises of Homestar and the gang to the use.perl community?

So, who would like to see the Brothers Chap at OSCON this year? I know I would. Perhaps you can show your support for the idea with a comment? By some miracle, someone organizing OSCON might read this blog and pursue this further.

Do you really want to hear another talk on how OpenSource software is ready for e-business? Neither do I. ;-)

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