No, this isn’t a Reagan tribute. It’s about a Colorado maniac.

« On Friday Heemeyer plowed the bulldozer into the town and within two hours had knocked down or damaged nine buildings before the machine ground to a halt in the wreckage of a warehouse. He then apparently shot himself, said Grand County Sheriff Rod Johnson. No one else was injured.

City officials said Heemeyer was angry over a zoning dispute and fines for city code violations at his muffler shop in the town, about 80 kilometres west of Denver.

Investigators believe he spent several months planning and building the concrete box that no police bullet could penetrate. He had installed television cameras connected to three monitors so he could see where he was going.

After blasting the box three times police discovered hinges that allowed them to pull out an air conditioning unit and get inside. Police initially believed Heemeyer had welded himself shut.»

I wonder if his corpse will be charged with terrorism?

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