«The US Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, has blamed the inability to gain permission to invade Iraq through Turkey for the power of the insurgency that the US now faces.

Mr Rumsfeld said in television appearances marking the second anniversary of the invasion that Iraqi military and intelligence forces in the north of the country melted away to form the insurgency that is now battling US and Iraqi troops.

At least 1520 members of the US military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war, according to an Associated Press count. »

—US blames Turkey for Iraq chaos

Ok everybody! In the key of E, let’s all sing it together:

Blame Turkey, man! Blame Turkey, man! With their shaky parliament and their queer imprisonment

Blame Turkey, man! Blame Turkey, man! ‘Cause Ataturk was drunk. the Republic almost sunk.

Blame Turkey, man! Blame Turkey, man! their coffee tastes too strong and elections take too long

Blame Turkey, man! Shame on Turkey, man!

In line they must fall or the EU just might stall and listen to the Kurds who say the Turks are turds

We must blame them and cause a fuss before someone thinks of blame us!

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